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gemini club
01 December 2015 @ 09:14 pm
[sticky post]  
à bientôt! je me suis bien amusé, darlings.
gemini club
31 August 2014 @ 08:37 pm

years ago i wouldn't know how to start this. if i'm being fully honest, i still don't know how to start this; maybe i'll never know. i do know one thing though, it sucks being lonely. i don't know how much longer i'll stay on this website, maybe another year, maybe another five, maybe not even another three months. it's a gamble. but it's one i want to play with friends. real, solid friends, and i am probably on the wrong site to be looking for strong relationships, hell, i probably shouldn't be looking for such personal relationships on the internet to begin with. but the time i've spent on lj has been great, and if i do end up making any friends, close or otherwise, from the internet, i hope it's from here. so, here we go:

[enter: the protagonist]
hello, i go by sol. it's not my real name, but most times i wish it was. i'm a nigerian-american currently living in new york city and attending nyu. i am a freshman and my major of choice for now is linguistics. it was a fluke decision honestly, inspired by someone who helped me through the college application process a lot, even though they may never truly know how much they helped (and if you are reading this, you know who you are, thank you.) maybe it will change, maybe it won't. i'm still in the process of realizing things (shout out to kylip jenner lmao). as for my interests, it's all over the board. if i had to narrow it down i'd say my main hobbies are music, both digital and studio art, writing, and fashion. i actually really love to draw, but i don't have the mental stability to make a career out of it, i barely have the stability to even utilize the little bit of skill i have for basic sketches. aaaand that's it; that's my short introduction. i'd love to make myself sound more interesting but this is honestly as deep as i get lol. that being said, i'm always open to making new friends and trying new things so never hesitate to message me here or on other platforms (hint hint: click the pic).

good bye and thanks for even reading this shit fest!